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Go Audio Awesome #12

November 17th, 2016

Adam and I don't usually have an outline for how our podcasts go, but except for certain circumstances -- like when Morehouse or the RLR guys are on and we've known them forever and just want to talk -- there's a general progression.  Start with some big picture stuff, talk about any sort of depth chart quirks, offense, defense, prediction.  It's not too complicated.

We entered Thursday night's podcast with Robert of IlliniBoard (@ALionEye) thinking it would be about the same as usual.  Sure, Illinois has Lovie Smith, which is kind of interesting.  And sure, they're 3-7 and playing for 2018 at this point.  But we didn't expect to get a comprehensive, detailed look at how Illinois is actually rebuilding.  Forty-seven minutes later, we'd barely gotten past the quarterback scramble.

So what I'm saying is, if you're looking for a podcast to prepare you for Saturday, this probably isn't the spot.  Everyone kind of expects Iowa to roll, even Robert.  But if you want to look at what our neighbors are doing to catch up -- and, frankly, how they're emulating early-00s Iowa in many ways -- you're going to get a really interesting discussion.  Sometimes, these shows have a mind of their own.